Site Updates Thread

Updates! :open_mouth::sparkles: Streamlined calendar and events, easier editing, and more community groups.

It’s been a long time since I sent out an update due to COVID halting most of the steam we had going early last year, I’m still here and grateful for everyone’s support and efforts to make this a valuable place to find local rides and groups in the community.

This round of updates is a big one for simplifying the site and making it more bike specific. Some updates:

  • simplified navigation: just one calendar page and one groups page (no more dashboard)
  • easier event editing with new fields including time and location notes, easier privacy controls, and metadata about distance, pace, regroups, and more.
  • improved event listings that are easier to navigate and with improvements to highlight information about the host of each event
  • groups page now includes an index of other cycling groups in the community that you might also want to follow for updates
  • new community discourse forum (see link in site header) that I plan to use as a place to send updates and make space for folks to connect if they please.

I’ve had many conversations and have ideas for projects to get going this winter including improvements to sharing photos and doing more to help folks find the rides and groups that are right for them. I’m excited about all the cool things happening in the Seattle bike community!